I was first introduced to Steve Allen at the age of 23, I had been suffering from chronic Urinary Tract Infections from the age of 17, I had seen numerous amounts of doctors and specialists and the only outcome was taking more and more antibiotics but the problem wouldn’t go away.

I started acupuncture and hypnotherapy treatments with Steve, as well as following some nutritional guide lines and after a short time I was feeling so much healthier and people would comment on how well I looked.

After a few months of treatments Steve recommended I should study a Martial Art with him. I have been studying two arts, Bagua and Karate, for just over two years now! My infection never came back, I am a blue belt and I am so much more confident in everything I do. I feel a lot more coordinated with my mind and body.

Steve’s teaching is one of a kind he is a wealth of knowledge and I highly recommend him to anyone with health issues, injuries or just interested in learning.

Lauren Eathorne

I have found Steve at Holistic Hands to be great. When I went to him I was in trouble and nothing was working, the pain and swelling in my hands and feet wasn’t good. He sorted my issues – it took time and patience but worth it.

Steve uses a combination of acupuncture, massage, herbs and natural medicine to suit the client and where the client is. Steve has a great sense of humour and says it how it is, which I value.”


I first met Steve just after I had completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy for lymphoma. My energy levels were low and I was about to start radiation treatment. Steve treated me with acupuncture. I noticed an improvement after my first treatment. I continued to have further weekly treatments. My energy levels increased and my colour improved.

Steve is also teaching me qi gong and I am drinking herbal tea that he has recommended. When I was first diagnosed the oncologist told me it would be 12 months before I felt well again. 3 months after chemotherapy and 1 month after radiation treatment, I feel really well. I am back to my usual work hours 5 days a week, I am eating a normal diet, I have the energy to work in the garden and I feel normal. Steve’s philosophy of keeping the chi flowing to keep the blood flowing makes absolute sense, so after 50 years of living with tension I can now look forward to the rest of my years without tension.

I have tried many complementary therapies in the past and some have been very helpful. However I can honestly say that Steve’s philosophy on health makes the most sense and it has been the most effective by far. I have absolute confidence in him.

Pam Ayres, Managing Practice Nurse, Christchurch NZ

I first met Steve through one of my family members who takes Tai Chi from him. I suffered for years with migraines which often kept me from sleeping at night and caused me to miss time from my job teaching adults. Many foods like wine and cheese would often set off terrible pain.

After only 3 sessions with Steve, where he used guided meditation and hypnosis, I barely had a headache at all. I would get small ones, but through what he showed me I could make them quickly go away. I was able to take a pain free trip overseas and now I can eat or drink anything without it causing a headache.

I continue to see Steve for guided meditation and hypnosis, and chi gong is helping me in many other areas. I had tried many things prior to coming to Holistic Hands, but none worked.

I would highly recommend Steve to anyone who has a chronic condition.

Betty C., Christchurch

I came to Steve through a friend who he helped with knee pain. I have always had a bad back. Sometimes it would just go out, and I could hardly move for several days.

After a few manual therapy sessions with Steve and some acupuncture my back feels a lot, lot better. I can now do activities without being afraid my back will go out. Steve has shown me some movements that are making my back feel a lot looser. I’d say in a short time I have improved 80 percent.

If you have back pain or any kind of pain you should call Steve.

William F., Ft Myers, Florida U.S.A.