Chinese Acupuncture

Chine acupuncture

Chinese Acupuncture

Traditional Chinese acupuncture is the insertion of very thin needles into points on the channels of energy flow, known as meridians. According to traditional Chinese Medicine the placement of the needles along these lines boosts the flow of life force energy, or Qi (pronounced Chee).

From a western medical point of view, the stimulation of the nervous system by the needle sensation causes the immune response to be awakened within the body via the deep brain.

The correct combination of points according to Chinese Medicine diagnosis is paramount to ensuring your immune system will respond in a focused way.

Electro Acupuncture

Electro Acupuncture

Steven Allen, past president of the Michigan Medical Acupuncture Association, former lecturer of Chinese Medicine, brings years of expertise and experience to helping you heal naturally and quickly.

I’ve practiced needle acupuncture, both medical and traditional for a number of years full time. I am convinced this ancient practice builds energy and moves the healing mechanism of the body. But I do realize some people are just plain afraid of needle insertion that’s why we offer highly effective laser puncture. Read more about Laser Puncture.

Steve Allen Dipl, Ac., M.H., H.H.P.

How many treatments will you need?

Everyone is different but Chinese medicine suggests at least two treatments per week to start with, for three weeks. It really depends on how much Qi or energy you have available. If you are in a weakened condition and are Qi deficient then it would take longer, but there are ways to build your energy.

Steve also does other things during an acupuncture treatment – such as manual therapy, Moxabustion, application of various balms or oils to cool or heat an area, and he could perform gua sha or cupping. So he will bring many things to your treatment besides just the insertion of needles.

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