Laser Puncture

Laser Puncture

Laser Puncture

If you’re interested in acupuncture but are afraid of needles, laser puncture is the answer, as it is totally painless!

Laser puncture consists of using lasers at certain frequencies, taped to acupuncture points. Many studies have shown how the monochromatic light penetrates the body, stimulating the immune response at the site.

Steve uses a 10-point laser device, which delivers 780nm red light, proven to be the most effective frequency for points on acupuncture meridians.

As far as we know, Holistic Hands is the only practitioner of laser puncture in Christchurch.

Also, an array of these lights can be placed over the painful area such as a shoulder, hip, or knee, stimulating the immune response.

What will you feel?

You may feel a slight warmth when the laser is applied, which is due to the body’s response – although this type of laser produces no heat.

How many treatments will you need?

Everyone is different but Chinese medicine suggests at least two treatments per week to start with, for three weeks. It really depends on how much Qi or energy you have available. If you are in a weakened condition and are Qi deficient then it would take longer, but there are ways to build your energy.

Steve also does other things during a laser puncture treatment – such as manual therapy, Moxabustion, application of various balms or oils to cool or heat an area, and he could perform gua sha or cupping. So he will bring many things to your treatment besides just the laser puncture.

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