Moxabustion consists of burning the herb Mugwort (known as ai ye in Mandarin) to heat an acupuncture point.

It has been around for as long as acupuncture. At Holistic Hands we rarely place moxa on the needles, due to the risk of burning, but hold the Moxa roll over the needle, allowing the smoke and heat to move the Qi – thus sedating the painful area and achieving more effect per treatment. This is known as indirect Moxabustion.

I use moxabustion because it produces a deep mellow heat, breaking up stagnation. I don’t think I could be nearly as effective without it, and it feels great.”

Steven Allen Dipl, Ac., M.H., H.H.P.

Here is a great article explaining Moxabustion from the magazine Acupuncture Today.

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